Expo 2020 Dubai Co-creation for innovation – it’s in our nature

A meeting point for people, ideas and innovations

This is our proposal for the Swedish pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai in 2020. The concept is built upon the idea of the Swedish red barn, found in thousands across our country. A symbol for the simple, but also the ingenious. Humble and honest in a context where everything is screaming for attention.

The pavilion consists of several buildings merged together, with open and closed sections that creates an intricate whole with both formal and informal spaces. It has a contrasting mix of high-tech and low-tech, e.g. through the use of Falu red paint (a five hundred year old innovation) and media shown in real-time through the connected glass cube in the center of the pavilion. The dominating building material is wood.

The exhibition is a multi-sensory experience that takes the visitor on a journey through cutting edge Swedish innovation with nature and the four Scandinavian seasons as a coherent theme. All permeated with human cooperation and innovative thinking, gathered under the message “Co-creation and innovation – it´s in our nature”. The concept is a collaboration between Sweco Architects, Grand Public and Tierra Grande Productions.