Lammhults Creating a new website to match a distinguished brand

Providing access to what they’re all about

Grand Public has worked with Lammhults for several years, marketing the company’s products as well as creating and visualizing its unique design philosophy. This time we were asked to create a brand new website for Lammhults, to better reflect their visual expression and meet the needs of their main target audience (architects) in terms of inspiration as well as information.

The new site offers an accessible product overview, designed to serve the architects in the best possible way. Visually it mirrors Lammhults’ physical expression as seen in exhibition stands, showrooms and printed material, thus providing a more uniform image of the brand.

Instant access is offered to the five most frequently used sections of the site. Those were identified through extensive interviews with architects and sales organizations to match our audience's behavior. The five entrances are presented both visually and in text, to suit both the image-oriented and those who prefer a text-based search.

Lammhults has a comprehensive product range and we have created two different ways to categorize the furniture. The first will sort products by topicality and kind, while the second way to navigate presents the furniture in their respective product families.

Each furniture page presents the product with inspiring pictures and facts. In addition, we have added information exclusively for architects, giving them easy access to all the information they are looking for, ranging from product images to CAD files and product sheets, never more than a click away.