Lammhults A continuous brand building to stay relevant and strong

Keeping a distinguished brand vibrant

Lammhults is a renowned brand with a prominent heritage that designs and manufactures modern furniture for high-demanding clients. The company was founded in 1945 and enjoys a strong market position. For some it would be tempting to say that the brand has reached its desired destination, and now all it has to do is sit back and reap the fruits of seven decades of hard work.

But brand building never ends. It's an ongoing process that any successful company must attend to on a daily basis in order to stay relevant and strong.

Grand Public has worked with Lammhults for several years, marketing the company's products as well as creating and visualizing its unique design philosophy. A few years ago we decided to take a big leap and revitalize the brand. And after searching deeply for the brand's soul – its essence – together with Lammhults we conceived the tagline "We will always be modern, our design always essential".

This in turn led to the striking product concept "Modern essentials", which was launched nationally at Fotografiska in Stockholm and internationally in Milan to great acclaim. Always adapting to a shifting landscape, the legacy of Lammhults continues to grow.