Studio B3/L6 Visual identity to update a strong brand

Updating an established concept with a clean sheet

Studio B3 and L6 describe themselves as a meeting place for anyone working with interiors, architecture, lighting and design. A showroom in central Stockholm and one in Gothenburg allow a number of leading interior companies to display their products for public spaces and private homes. The trendy meet the classics in a unique atmosphere.

We were asked to help Studio B3/L6 add a freshness and a spark to their identity and their website as well as their marketing materials. Already a strong brand among established architects, Studio B3 and L6 wished to find a way to meet and attract the younger generation and obtain the same position among them.

Our challenge lay in giving Studio B3/L6 a strong expression of their own, while still making room for all the brands within the concept. We chose to look at their service as an analogue tool for the architect, a place to feel the fabrics, study the details of the furniture and put together a physical mood board, suitable to communicate with customers. We have used the idea of the mood board in the design, keeping it clean and simple, like a sketch pad on which to add elements to create an entirety.




Digital Strategy

The website is a digital version of the mood board, with the same clean look. It is meant to give easy access to everything available on the site and to show the brands involved in a suitable way.