Team Mustasch Dressing a team for success while contributing to a good cause

Designing cycling apparel to attract attention

We care about cycling on all levels. When it’s performed by devoted enthusiasts, for the good of others, it’s a privilege to be a part of the effort. We were asked to design head-turning cycling apparel to equip Team Mustach for their participation in the world’s largest recreational bike ride, Swedish Vättenrundan 2017. The goal of their effort being to collect as much money and attention as possible for prostate-cancer care and research, they wanted the appearance of the team to be a strong visual experience.

Team Mustach needed apparel to fit handsome, fast cyclists who pedal for a good cause. It turned out as an elegant, but oh so colorful design, where we made the turquoise blue and coral pink work side by side to shine on the dark ground color. The shape of the moustache, which has become a symbol for the fight against prostate cancer, is the key element in the design.

Behind the project are the companies Abloc, Bianchi, Craft, Thule, Team Tre Berg and Postnord. Together they are Team Mustasch.