Vilhelm Parfumerie Business and brand development for a whole new brand

Artful rendition and luscious launch of a luxurious brand

Vilhelm Parfumerie is a new super-premium perfume brand based in New York City. A niche fragrance house that offers classic scents with elaborate twists. And to add some extra grandeur, its perfume bottles are designed by industry legend Pierre Dinand.

Our mission was to create a super-strong visual identity that matches the premium feel of the brand, and that harmonizes with the vintage liquor attitude of the bottle design.

Visually we have given each scent a unique graphic identity, which can be experienced on the packaging but even more so on the images that communicate the distinct personalities of the fragrances. The images were created in collaboration with fashion photographer Martin Vallin and are best described as an artful interpretation of each scent.

We have also created a shop-in-shop solution for the selected stores that offer this elegant brand. The launch took place in April 2015 at Liberty at Regent Street in London.

Digital Strategy

Our mission was to establish and position this newborn premium brand digitally. And as always, all digital channels had to match the quality of the brand in every aspect. In addition to building the website, we have managed to engage digital ambassadors who create buzz and digital conversations about Vilhelm Parfumerie.